Our Philosophy: Get on with us

Our slogan at Cambridge English Centre is GET ON WITH US, but what does it actually mean?

Get on is one of the many phrasal verbs that students encounter in their English studies and, like most phrasal verbs, it has a variety of different meanings.  One meaning of get on is to board a bus, train or plane - so we are inviting you to get on our English bus and let us take you on your English journey.

Another meaning of get on is to make progress, something which is fundamental to everyone at Cambridge English Centre.  We understand the importance of not only making progress in your language learning but also seeing the progress you have made. For this reason, each of our courses corresponds to a level of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. In addition, at the end of each course, we encourage our students to do an official Cambridge Exam (YLE/KET/PET/FCE/CAE) before passing to the next level. This not only gives you a clear indication of your level of English and the progress you have made during the course, it also provides you with fresh goals to keep you motivated, as well as the qualifications you will need in your future studies or working life.

Finally, to get on with someone means to have a good relationship with them.  We believe you learn best in a relaxed, friendly, encouraging environment and we pride ourselves on the excellent relationship we have with both our students and the parents of our younger learners.